Welcome to Securities Development India Limited

Everything you need to know about the Member of Calcutta Stock Exchange dealing in stock brokerage and commodities.

Who We Are?

Being a member of the Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE), Securities Development India Limited (SDIL) is a known name in equity and share trading of stocks. We specialize in the brokerage of Commodities, Stock, FX and Derivatives.

Digitally monitoring stocks

We monitor stocks to make sure that you invest on the right stocks only. Commodities, Stocks or Derivatives - We believe in the right kind of brokerage only.

Expert Consultancy

Our experts make sure that you only have to deal with the right kind of stocks through proper consultancy from people with the right kind of acumen and experience to walk the extra mile for you.

Mobile Support

Our team enhances the way you know and interact with brokerage firms. We proudly call ourselves a one of a kind company to provide mobile and remote support whenever needed.

Our Expertise

We have come a long way from investing into stocks and securites to developing securities and investors of the future.

What People Say

Time and again, We've managed to become one of the major firms for securities trading in Kolkata.

Easily one of the best brokerage firms in Kolkata for securities and stock trading.

Rishi Mundra - Investor